I registered to IMVU about 4 years ago.
My nickname is 'Werefurry'.
IMVU is a great 3D chat program.
I use it for a very long time now and am enthused.
It also contains TF and TG!!!
Please register via the following link: Here

If you don't know where the TG and TF is, please look below or contact me.

I also created a group especially for the people registering via the link above.
There are also TG groups with more than 500 members. (There is not only one!!!)

After registration: You can find the IMVU Transgender Groups here

You can find the group for visitors of  World Of TG and here!

You can find the
transgender products browsing here!

For those who want to have their transgender also in adult section you can buy the
access pass, which allows you to see, buy and create adult products here!

You can have a male or female avatar no matter what gender you are.

I would be very happy to meet you there!
Have fun!!!