Lucid Dream

The lucid dream is a dream, in which you are fully aware of that you are dreaming. You can control EVERYTHING, so also what happens- also your gender. There are two ways to get a lucid dream.

The first one is the free one listed below.

The second one is a digital dose from
I-doser. You listen to some noise.
This noise is made of two digital signals, which are send via a stero headphone into your head. The signals are not send parralel but with a distance of several milliseconds.
Your brain can't interpret those distant signals and creates a new signal inside your brain. This signal has the effect.
You will find many "digital doeses" with different effects on this site, but also one called "Lucid Dream".

Read the instruction and relax.

It does not work with everyones mind, so you may try some free examples with other effects first.

The other, natural way:
For all those who are known to the german language, look here:

To all the others a summary:
There is the possibility of creating a dream.
A dream YOU can controll completely.
Everything happens as you wish it to happen.
And here is how:

Step 1
When you go to bed, relax.
Lie on your back.
Let your body go limb. Relax every muscle beginning from your feet upwards ending
You may repeat this to be sure that you are completely relaxed.

Step 2
Close your eyes. Open them up for a very short time every 5 seconds. It also works when it is dark.
Realize shapes you see and close them immediatly. Just like blinking/winking, just the other way around.
You will get very tired after 2 to 5 minutes. After five minutes you are hardly aware of keeping them up, because they get very heavy.

Step 3
Your body begans to tickle and feel very heavy. When you began to see the "plasma clouds" when you close your eyes, just ignore them. Try to discem what you see BEHIND them.
Don't fear of the feeling that you can hardly moove. Your body is falling asleep, but your mind won't.
You loose more and more connection to your physical body.

Step 4
Concentrate at the scenes behind the clouds, try to hold on one and pull yourself into the scene.
You can also do an imaginated step into the room for example. It depends on you.
The stability of this scene is also an indicator for the success of the whole procedure.

Step 5 The Dream
If you pulled yourself in sucessfully, your first dream just begun. You are aware of that you are dreaming
and can controll the dream completely by just imaginating what will happen.
You will wake up when your alarm clock rings. ;)
Have fun!

For more information look into the
TG comics forum.